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Kasisi-ervaringen van kinderen

Kasisi Children’s home is niet zomaar een kindertehuis in Afrika. In dit tehuis bij de Zambiaanse hoofdstad Lusaka, worden ruim 250 kinderen verzorgd en opgevoed tot zelfstandige jonge mensen die iets kunnen gaan betekenen voor hun land. Een paar jongeren die bij Kasisi zijn opgegroeid blikken terug.
U kunt van hen en andere vroegere Kasisi-kinderen uitvoeriger verhalen lezen op de Zambiaanse site:


My being at Kasisi has changed my life in a positive way. Many are the times when people experience a loss in a family such as a death of a parent. People think that’s the end of the world but that’s not really the case. I was introduced to this huge family with my twin brother when I was a month old, after the death of my parents. Kasisi Children’s Home has being my home since my childhood. My being at Kasisi has really changed my life from the time I was young to where I am now.


Many years ago a beautiful journey started for me after thinking there was nothing left for me in life. I was brought to Kasisi Children’s Home by a catholic priest. Kasisi really turned my life around and moulded me to whom I am now by the help of Sr Mariola who is the sister-in-charge of Kasisi Children’s Home and other sisters who helped us grow to where I am today. Being at Kasisi has changed my life both spiritually and physically.  Kasisi changed me from being nothing to somebody today. I have been given all the education from Sr Mariola and I am very grateful for that, without me being at Kasisi right now only God knows where I would be by now.


Growing up in Kasisi has really shown me the brighter side of life which I didn’t really know. Kasisi has been my everything, my world, my life, my father and my mother. Living in Kasisi has made me grow stronger as a human being and has made me grow in all aspects such as spiritually, mentally and socially. Before I came to live in Kasisi I can still recall staying with relatives who literally did not take care about me and all I could do was stare and wonder, “why me”. I kept asking myself where my mum and dad were until I was brought to Kasisi and life gave me a new meaning of living. I don’t even want to know where I could have been by now if it was not for Kasisi.

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